In Trumbull County, there are multiple police, fire, and school levies being decided by the voters. Here are the results:

Brookfield Schools Additional Levy for a five-year, 2.3 mill Permanent Improvement issue, generating $337,000 a year for the district has been defeated with 1,654 against the levy, 997 for the levy.

Lakeview Schools Additional Levy, the 10-year 4.9 mills emergency additional levy, that was to generate $1,515,800 per year, was defeated 2,806 to 2,521 for the levy.

Champion Fire-Police-EMS Additional: 5.5 mills, 5-year, which was expected to generate around $1 million per year, was defeated 1,822 to 1,695.

Eagle Joint Fire & EMS-Additional, one of the few levies to pass in Trumbull County, passed, bringing 4.1 mills additional continual levy, bringing in $980,000 per year. The vote was 3,124 for the levy, 1,558 against.

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