The building that once contained Toys-R-us in Boardman has now been stocked with goods for Thursday's grand opening of the Grocery Outlet Bargain Market.

 Located at 317 Boardman Poland Road, the grand opening is on Thursday, Nov. 16 at 8 a.m.



The bargain market only carries name-brand products priced lower than other grocery stores, according to the operators.

“We get cookies in at a good price. Ritz crackers $1.99 …  sometimes we'll get Oreo cookies for 1.99,” Sarah Senges, co-owner and operator, said. 



Their suppliers work with major vendors like General Mills and Kellogg's to get products that are overstocked or need to be relabeled, so they're able to keep prices 40 to 60% lower than other stores.

“We’re somewhat inflation resistant. Our prices didn’t go up as dramatically as other stores,” Eric Senges, co-owner and operator, said.



And they have some selective products. 

“We offer up to 600 different items that are considered natural, organic, and healthy products,” Eric said. 

The store is running a special deal for Thanksgiving, if a customer buys $50 worth of groceries they get a 14 to 16-pound turkey for $7.99.