Four people in Warren have been taken to jail after police say they found multiple guns in a car where a three-year-old child was sitting on Wednesday.

According to a police report, police conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle on Youngstown Road near East Avenue. Once police approached the vehicle, officers observed two passengers in the front seat and three more in the back, as well as a three-year-old child, who police say was not in a car seat.

When asked why the child was not in a car seat, the driver, identified as 29-year-old Mary Zarlingo told police that it was her child and she was just giving her friends a ride down the street.

When asked if there were any weapons in the vehicle, police say Zarlingo replied that there were not. All other parties also denied there being any weapons in the vehicle with the exception of the child, who told officers there was a weapon.

Police then asked Zarlingo for consent to search her vehicle. According to the report, she was very hesitant to let officers do so, but reluctantly consented in the end stating she was scared about what would happen if she said no.

According to the report, when searching the backseat of the vehicle, police found a black Taurus Gx4 9mm pistol with one round in the chamber and several more in the magazine.

Police say the child was sitting, partially standing in the area of where the pistol was found.

At this time, Zarlingo and three other passengers identified as 19-year-old Mahki Crank, 21-year-old Kyle Larosa and 24-year-old Cierra Hawn were all detained. A fifth person was detained too, but he was not arrested or charged with anything at this time.

According to police, further investigation revealed more weapons including ablack Rg Rg23 .22LP revolver and a Taurus G2c pistol. Police say the revolver had rounds in the wheel and the pistol had no rounds in the chamber, but several in the magazine.

When speaking to the suspects, Larosa allegedly told police he did not know about any of the guns in the car. Police asked Hawn why she was reaching down where they located the pistol and she told police she was trying to pick up her vape and did not feel a gun at her feet.

According to the report, Crank told police that the guns belonged to Zarlingo, Hawn and Larosa. Crank also told police that Larosa and Hawn began "freaking out" when they saw police and when he asked why, they allegedly replied "We got guns."

Crank further alleged that when Zarlingo saw police, she tossed the revolver to Larosa to hide and the others hid their weapons as well.

According to the report, the suspects claimed that the guns belonged to the male subject sitting in the front passenger seat with Hawn allegedly claiming to have seen the male post pictures with one of them.

All four suspects were booked in the Trumbull County Jail and are currently facing charges of improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle and child endangering.

Crank was given an additional charge of having weapons under disability and Zarlingo was also issued a citation for making an improper turn.

Hawn and Zarlingo were arraigned on these charges on Thursday and are expected back in court on December 19. Meanwhile, Crank and Larosa are scheduled for arraignment Friday.