A Youngstown man who set a house on fire in Girard last summer has learned his fate in court on Wednesday.

According to court employees, 26-year-old Austin Dunmire pled guilty to three counts of aggravated arson Wednesday morning. He will be sentenced to eight to 12 years in prison on these charges and must register as an arson offender annually with the Trumbull County Sheriff's Office.

The charges stem from a house fire on the 200 Block of South Market Street in Girard in June of 2023. Dunmire was arrested days later and indicted back in August.

According to the indictment, two people were sleeping inside the home at the time of the incident and Dunmire created "a substantial risk of serious physical harm" to the occupants.

According to the Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office, this act stemmed from an ongoing feud between Dunmire and the occupants and that Dunmire previously had made threats to "light the house on fire."