Last week, 21 News was the first to report that former Hubbard Township Police Officer Michael Orr could get his job back after he was fired in 2022. 

Trustees confirmed during a special meeting on Monday that a potential rehire could come soon, pending an arbitration.

In January 2022, Officer Michael Orr was fired as a patrolman from the Hubbard Township Police Department after a physical encounter he had with a truck driver plus a separate incident while arresting a female, according to Trustee Rick Hernandez.

He was terminated once by township trustees but an initial arbitration process allowed Orr to get his job back the first time. Soon after, he was quickly fired a second time after it was recommended by now-retired Police Chief Greg Tarr.

"We lost the [first] arbitration," explained Trustee Jason Tedrow. "We were required to bring him back. Immediately upon his return, we immediately put him on leave again and then terminated him again. So, he never went back out on the road."

The trustees told 21 News on Monday that the decision on whether to reinstate Orr will head to another arbitration, as the officer has a due process guaranteed to him under a collective bargaining agreement. It is unclear why it's taken so long to get the process underway.

"It's made some twists and turns and some things occurred on the way, which had led us to not respond to it at this point," explained Trustee Bill Colletta.

The arbitration's findings will be final, meaning trustees will move forward with whatever the evidence presents. Trustees told 21 News the township still owes Orr an undisclosed amount of back pay.

"If a firing stays where he's at right now, if it's justified then we'll do that," Colletta added. "If it's not justified, then we'll make them changes. Some hard decisions need to be made and we'll make the changes."

The trustees told 21 News a decision on Orr's employment will be made within the next month.