This afternoon about 170 residents at International Towers next to Reality Tower were shaken by the explosion shortly before three.

"It felt like an earthquake, then boom like a bomb went off," Carol Welsh said. 

"I went outside and I was told Chase Bank had an underground explosion and to vacate," Jacob Hilliard added. 

Mahoning's Emergency Management Director tells us the Covelli Centre opened doors for residents who needed a place to stay, while American Red Cross volunteers provided water and snacks. 

"I would say we might have had 75 here at the peak of it. The others obviously accommodations sought shelter or accomodations elsewhere until the danger passed," Robin Lee's Mahoning Emergency Management Director said.

Around 3.5 hours later they were allowed to return home and are only allowed to use the back entrance. 

Yellow police line tape stating do not cross remained up out front.

The precaution is being taken should the building next door collapse.

Residents we talked with were happy to go home, however they still worry about their safety.

"I just hope we can stay in the building, that nothing will happen, that we have to get out again," Julie Buggs said. 

"I'm still really concerned because a lot of us have oxygen tanks. A lot of us are diabetic. A lot of us have problems walking like my mom. There's a lot really sick in the building." Samantha Brooks said. 

Although all the residents at International Towers have been allowed to go back home, however those next door where the explosion happened at Reality Towers will have to find another place to stay.

At Reality Tower tenants who love the historical, spacious, apartment in the center of downtown don't know if they will ever be allowed back inside.

The explosion was so powerful in addition to the explosion blowing glass outward and twisting metal on the first floor, the blast also pushed out the sides of the fire escape and the walls of the building were bowed outwards. 

"I am hoping I can go back, but stuff is stuff. I'm just happy I'm alright and was at work," Frank Daloise emphasized.