Members of the United Autoworkers Union who work at Ultium Cells in Lordstown will gather Wednesday to learn details of a tentative local agreement reached last week between the UAW and GM.

1,600 UAW members meet at the Local 1112 union hall to review the contract language.

The pact includes wage increases, a ratification bonus, a 10 percent shift premium, overtime incentives, backpay for 401k, and local language specific for Ultium.

In a post on the UAW website, UAW Region 2B Director David Green said, “Five years ago, when they closed Lordstown Assembly, it was a major gut punch – I know, I lived it.” Green added, “They wrote Lordstown off for dead. They thought we’d settle for low wages and unsafe jobs. They thought wrong, and now Ultium workers are leading the way.”

Voting will occur at the plant beginning Friday at 5 a.m. and ending on Sunday at 5 a.m.