The contract for union workers at the Homegoods Distribution Center in Lordstown has been extended as negotiations continue.

21 News spoke with a member of Chicago Midwest Regional Joint Board Workers United Local 3121 who told us workers at the distribution center rejected a contract approved by the union on June 19.

A photo sent by a member of the union shows a note posted on the bulletin board at the distribution center simply reading "The contract was rejected."


One member of the union told 21 News the union did not like where the raise was stating some people got a raise of $1.75, some got $1.25 and some got 75 cents when it should be $2 for everyone across the board.

Additionally, the member told us employees' medical insurance was raised for the next three years of the contract.

Another union member provided 21 News with text communications from the union stating that it has not formally responded to the rejection of the contract, but is working to return to the negotiation table.

"For this purpose we have extended the contract while negotiations continue," the message reads.

The message does not say how long the contract will be extended for.

21 News has reached out to the union for comment on the status of negotiations as early as Thursday, June 20, but we have not heard back.