A professor at Youngstown State University has died unexpectedly on Saturday.

According to a post on the university's Facebook page. Dr. Max Grubb, whose teaching areas include multimedia, communication studies and journalism died unexpectedly Saturday.

"Max loved teaching, loved interacting with students, and maintained vast connections with industry and discipline colleagues around the world," the post reads

The post goes on to say Grubb enjoyed taking his students abroad and regularly planned global media systems tours of London and Paris and was in the process of creating a London internship program when he passed.

Grubb was also involved in the Broadcast Education Association and served multiple leadership positions over the years.

According to YSU's website, Grubb is a native of Medina, Ohio. He received his doctorate in Mass Communication from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio specializing in International Media Systems and Development Communications, with an outside area in political science.

During his career he worked with media and communication professionals, government officials and journalists from around the globe as an international communications and media development consultant.

He also worked with international visitors to the U.S. developing and conducting workshops and study tours for government officials and media professionals from around the world.

Grubb also negotiated partnerships with universities in Russia and Egypt and has taken students to London and Paris to explore the cultural, societal and political aspects of the British and French media systems.