A timeline is beginning to form for the demolition of the Realty Building.

The demolition process for the building is expected to start next week. But before that happens, the property managers of Realty Tower told residents they will be able to get some of their belongings out of the building.

In less than two months, the building that shook downtown is expected to be demolished. Deputy Director of Public Works Chuck Shasho said the city expects the building to be at least partially demolished by Aug. 2.

A spokesperson for Yo Properties LLC said they have submitted a fluid timeline to the city. The spokesperson said it's their position that that meets the July 5 deadline set by the city.

A statement from management and ownership about the timeline said the timeline outlines the retrieval of Realty Tower tenant's  will be able to retreive some pf their possessions mid next week, with demolition beginning immediately thereafter.

That process can't start without a permit from the county, though, and no permit application has been filed.

Youngstown firefighters have volunteered to help get those items out.

Resident Tracey Winsbush says even if they can get a few of her items, she's grateful for the opportunity.

"Every time they open the door, we're grateful that the door opens and we pray that it doesn't close and we can get some type of closure out of it. Because a shopping bag of your life, can you imagine putting your whole life into it?" said Winbush.

Realty Tower Residents received a message by the property manager, saying the retrieval day for these items is July 10.

OSHA and the NTSB met with city officials to discuss their ongoing investigations into the explosion.