The owners of the blast-damaged Realty building in Downtown Youngstown are working with city officials to approve a plan to retrieve residents' belongings from the building.

Live Youngstown Properties LLC tells 21 News the company is working with Youngstown Fire Chief Barry Finley and the city to approve a plan to retrieve these belongings.

The company told 21 News the company is not publicly disclosing this process "out of respect for privacy and security of the residents."

21 News has since obtained a copy of an email sent to residents, which reveals that residents will not be able to retrieve the items themselves.

Rather, residents were provided a spreadsheet where they were asked to catalog and prioritize their most valuable and irreplaceable items. Any item can be listed, but items that would be difficult to carry through the rubble and down the stairs are more likely to be left behind.

Residents have until Friday, July 5 to fill out and return the spreadsheet cataloging the items they want retrieved. 

According to the letter, the retrieval process will begin Wednesday, July 10. Residents will be contacted at the beginning of the week with their floor's specific time slot and further instructions.

The letter states that crews will make one pass through each apartment and collect items that may be contained in a small carry-on suitcase. 

Residents had previously voiced their frustrations about not being able to retrieve their belongings after being told that they would be able to by members of City Council.

Following this, the City began to work with United Way to help displaced residents get essential documentation back such as birth certificates and driver's licenses.