Directors of The Brightside Project in Salem had high hopes about starting a youth center at the old Donnell Ford building in Salem. But those plans have been halted. 

The Brightside Project recently announced in a Facebook post that after failing to secure $775,000 from Ohio, the gap was too large to bridge in its mission to purchase the former Donnell Ford dealership.

"We share your disappointment and feel the same heartache and frustration," the post reads. "We truly believe in this project and have worked tirelessly to make it a reality for our community."

Following this announcement, the organization says it will be reaching out to its Ignite the Spark donors to offer a refund of contributions.

The 30,200-square-foot property would have made it possible for the organization to reach more children in Columbiana County and expand its reach into other counties.

The project also aimed to help children suffering from academic and complex social-emotional and mental health issues including depression, anxiety, violence, bullying, substance abuse, and suicidal thoughts.

Brightside's goal is to help children who face uncertainties in the home, community and school. 

Founder and executive director, Scott Lewis said within four months they raised only $500,000 out of the $2.48 million needed to start the project. After being denied a state grant the deadline to purchase the building expired.