With a list in hand, Youngstown's Fire Chief and volunteer firefighters spent the day gathering possessions for those who lived in Realty Towers.

Collecting what they could is crucial since demolition of this historical building is expected to begin tomorrow. At the close of business today, the County Building Inspector had not received all the necessary documents to initiate the demolition. So whether the demolition process begins on time Thursday is yet to be seen.

21 news reached out to the building department just before close, and they tell us that all but one missing document was given to the county this afternoon.

Until the county has this final document, they will not give out the demolition permit, meaning the demolition process can't start.

With the demolition expected on Thursday, Fire Chief Barry Finley and other firefighters volunteering their time, took out duffel bags full of items the people living in Realty Towers listed last week.

Tracey Winbush, a Realty Tower resident, said she is grateful to get some of her life back.

"I'm grateful for the people who sacrificed our lives to give us a part of the life back. It's not the stuff, it's the people who are going in the building. The building people who are making it happen," said Winbush.

Although she was grateful, Winbush wasn’t able to get all of her irreplaceable items back.

"I have artwork that’s framed, that’s number and signed that can’t come down. I have statues, I have hundred year old glass. I am a curator of antiques, so these bags are full of antiques," said Winbush.

Once the demolition does begin, sources tell 21 news it should take between two to three weeks until the area is safe enough to reopen some nearby buildings, like International Towers. This does not mean the building will be completely torn down.