Warren City Council voted to allow a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area, or DORA, on weekends and some holidays.

A DORA creates an outdoor area where adults can walk around with alcoholic drinks during designated times.

This one will cover several streets in downtown Warren. 

The sponsor of the legislation believes this will help create a more welcoming and vibrant downtown business district.

"We're so excited to get people downtown, people going to go business buying, maybe having bands and stuff downtown. And maybe just having a great time downtown again," Councilman James Shaffer said.

Twelve downtown restaurants and bars will be taking part.

During the Italian American Festival, the African American Festival and other fests, DORA'S will not be allowed.

The businesses taking part include; Bushwick Warren, CharBenay's Wine on the River,  Downtown 124,  Club Michael, Horseshoe Bar, Modern Methods Brewing Company, Darlene Lounge, Sunrise Inn, The Saratoga, The Underground Lounge, West & Main Bar & Grille, and Urban Tap. 

The DORA covers 1.73 miles.


 Police will monitor what is taking place, and safety issues will be reviewed. 

In one year Warren City Council will review how the DORA's have worked.