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Mercer County coach hospitalized with fungal infection


A Mercer County wrestling coach is on the mend after contracting a fungal infection in his lungs.

"I called him every night, but never talked back," said the coach's daughter Reese Gadsby.  "Then one night, I said, 'Hi, Dad' and he just started talking."

And according to Gadsby's family, coach Adam hasn't stopped talking since.  It has certainly been a welcomed change.  For the last two months, Gadsby had been intubated at a Pittsburgh hospital.

Prior to being flown to Pittsburgh, he was diagnosed with the flu.  He was told to treat his symptoms at home, but his condition deteriorated.  His mother, Cathy, rushed him to the ER back in February.  When they arrived, his oxygen levels were at 64. 

He was flown to Pittsburgh, where doctors realized he wasn't sick with the flu.  They actually didn't know what was causing his lungs to fill with blood.

"All they kept telling me was he's a very, very sick boy," said Adam's mother Cathy Gadsby. "Well, when it was all over and he was off the ECMO and the doctor came up and told me that they didn't think he'd make it."

Weeks of testing revealed Adam had come down with Aspergillosis, a fungal infection that had spread to his lungs.  According to the CDC, Aspergillus is a common mold that lives indoors and outdoors. Most people breathe in the spores without getting sick.  However, people with weakened immune systems can develop serious health problems.

Adam spent much of his time in a RotoProne bed, which would rotate his body to take pressure off of his lungs. He then underwent surgery to attach an ECMO machine to him that drained blood from his veins and returned it to his arteries.  Doctors also treated him with anti-fungal medications.

"It was very, very tough to see," said Adam's best friend Mike Dye. "He is your best friend.  There is nothing you can do for him right there.  All you can do is pray and hope."

The family credits prayers for keeping Adam alive.
"I was questioning how much mental damage did he have?  What are we going to be working with?  I was even preparing myself, like, he can live with me. You know, I could take care of him, but he's Adam.  He's back," said Adam's brother Justin Gadsby.
To help defray some of Adam's medical costs, a spaghetti dinner benefit will be held this Saturday at the Lakeview High School cafeteria in Stoneboro.  It will run from 3:00pm to 8:00pm.  Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for kids 12 and under. 
Schiestle's Auction Center is also have a benefit auction for Adam on Sunday, April 17.  The action will- begin at 2:00pm.  You can donate items to the auction by calling 724-301-0623.

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