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Bear chases men at Mercer County salvage yard

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You see all kinds of things at a salvage yard, but not things like this.

Two helpers at the Raiti Salvage in Transfer, Pennsylvania were preparing to set fire to a pile of trash when they say they were shocked by the appearance of a large black bear with a couple cubs.

"She was on all fours," said Billy Robinson. "She stood about three feet tall chasing us. It's pretty scary when you have a 400-500 pound bear chasing you!"

So what did they do? They got on an ATV and took off.

"We both jumped on it and left. We looked back and she started to chase us for a few feet," said Hunter Allman.

The owner of the salvage yard says it's routine to bears at the salvage yard, but they've never chased anyone.

"We've had bears here for about 30 years that I know of. We've never had a problem with them. This is the first incident like this that's happened. They used to follow our tractors when we had just the fields and they would eat the grubs and stuff," said Charlie Raiti.

You know what they say out in the woods, never get between a mother and her young.  The guys say they plan to be more careful, but they don't plan on arming themselves.

"I wouldn't shoot it even if it attacked me. I'd say have a bite. Ha ha!," said Raiti.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission says if the bears hang around and continue to stand their ground they may have to be live-trapped and removed from the area.

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