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New Middletown police want dog returned to owner

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Police think someone who thought they were doing a good deed took a dog from a yard in New Middletown.

Police Chief Vincent D'Egidio said sometime Friday night, an 11-year-old beagle mix went missing from its outdoor pen at a home on Woodland Dr.

"The dog has been the concern of many people over it being left in the cold," said D'Egidio. "However, the shelter and well-being of the dog has been investigated repeatedly by the police, Animal Charity and the dog warden."

According to the chief, the doghouse has a heat lamp, a heavy layer of straw, blankets, water and dog food.

Last week, humane agents took temperature readings inside the dog house and according to D'Egidio, found the temperature and living conditions provided "more than adequate shelter."

Monday evening, the dog's owner showed 21 News the shelter.

"I just can't believe he is gone. I just don't know where he is at and I want him to come home. I want him back. I need him back," said Owner Yvonne Dressel.

Although D'Egidio believes a good Samaritan took the dog over concerns about single digit temperature conditions, he is asking whoever has the dog to call Animal Charity or the dog warden to return the dog.

"Right now we're working under the aspects that it was a good Samaritan acting in the best interest of the dog. If it continues to go along with out anyone notifying us or placing the animal with Animal Charity, or Angels for Animals or the Dog Warden, then it will be referred down to the prosecutor eventually for possible criminal charges," said D'Egidio.

D'Egidio said there is an Ohio law that allows people to remove an animal from someone else's property, without being held liable, if they suspect the animal is being neglected.

However, the law requires the person to immediately contact the owner.

In this case, several days have passed and no one has contacted the dog's owner or police.

"I know you probably think you were doing the good thing in maybe rescuing a dog that didn't need rescuing, and it's all in perception, but your perception was wrong," said Dressel. "He has been taken care of, he will always be taken care of and I would just like you to take care of him and please return him."

The New Middletown Police Department is located at 10711 Main Street. 

The Humane Department of Animal Charity may be reached at 330-788-1064 ext. 17.  

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