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Recent Youngstown murder has tragic connections to other high profile murders

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Diane Dent Diane Dent

In what can only be described as an unfortunate twist of fate, two high profile murders in Youngstown, from decades ago, have ties to the city's most recent homicide. 

Two famously tragic crimes from the last 20 years here in Youngstown have a family connection to the murder of Diane Dent.

One was a cold-blooded execution, the other, the loss of an innocent infant.

In the 90s gang activity was rampant in Youngstown. And a man police say was on a mission to be the drug king in town was Willie "Flip" Williams.  

Known as the "Labor Day Massacre" in 1991, a house on McGuffey Road is where Williams lined up four men and shot them each in the head execution style. 

He was found guilty at trial and was later executed in 2005 for his crimes.

The suspect in the city's most recent murder, of Diane Dent, is Jesse Williams,  the brother of "Flip" Williams.

Prosecutor Jeffrey Limbian says the sins of one brother seem to revisit the other brother.

"As I hear it, this suspect was never the same after the circumstances happened with his brother. So it's amazing how much psychological damage can befall on someone as a result of what a relative does," said Limbian.

While Williams sat on death row, tragedy struck in March 2003.

Three-month-old Jiyen Dent was sitting in a baby swing in his family's Rutledge Drive home when the unthinkable happened.

A dozen bullets fired from an AK-47 suddenly ripped through the walls and one hit Jiyen in the head, killing him instantly.  The man convicted of this crime is currently on death row. 

The death of this innocent baby gripped the Valley more than a decade ago and is one murder many will never forget. 

So what's the connection to this recent murder on Goleta? Diane Dent, the victim, was the grandmother to little Jiyen Dent.  

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