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Why are there so many DUI and OVI repeat offenders?

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All too often we are reporting on people who are repeat OVI offenders.

On Tuesday, Russell Duane Balch was in a Trumbull County Court facing a fourth OVI. 

On Monday we told you about 58-year-old Steven Queen from McDonald who is charged with a 9th OVI.  

So why are there so many repeat offenders?  What is Ohio doing to keep these repeat offenders off the roads?  

Youngstown Attorney Scott Cochran said, "If you send an addict to prison, most likely you get an addict out of prison. That has been my past experience."

That's because alcohol, just like drugs, is an addiction and more than just a hard habit to break.  Exactly why Attorney Cochran, who has been handling DUI and OVI cases for 25 years, believes you see so many repeat offenders.

"There's nothing full proof. They also need professional help," Cochran said.

Despite law enforcement efforts to take drunk drivers off the roads, and Ohio's drunk driving laws that have increased four DUI/OVIs to a felony within a 10 year period, or six offenses to a felony in a 20 year period; is it enough?

"The problem is we send them to prison for however long we can send them to prison for and they come back out and they have that same problem.  And that's why we're dealing with a potential number nine OVI," Attorney Cochran said.

Because even if you're charged with your ninth DUI, your license likely has already been taken away, and you shouldn't be behind the wheel of a car in the first place.

But there is now technology that could help repeat offenders get a hold of their problem and Attorney Cochran said it is working.

"One of the things that they've implemented is there's a thing called a Scram Bracelet that tests moisture on your skin.  But it's monitoring it for alcohol consumption," Cochran said.

A form of prevention for a crime in need of rehabilitation.

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