VIENNA TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Some local air base employees are calling on congress to end the government shutdown that has sent hundreds of them home from their jobs.

Members of the American Federation of Government Employees local 1952 carried signs outside the Youngstown Air Reserve Station on Wednesday morning.

A message on one of the signs read, "Stop playing politics with jobs".

On Tuesday, 400 civilian employees of the Air Base were laid after Congress failed to pass a resolution to continue funding of government operations.

According to the The American Federation of Government Employees website, the union is the largest federal employee union representing 650,000 federal and D.C. government workers nationwide and overseas.

"It's hitting us right in the wallet, it effects everything," Daniel Bryant says, AFGE Local 1952 union president.

Bryant believes local businesses and eateries, like Yankee Kitchen in Vienna, will also feel the local economic pinch from the furloughs.

"They're here almost two, three times a day," Michael Fournaris of Yankee Kitchen says. "They come here with their families and support us, we have a lot of orders to go for them, if this thing goes on, I don't think they're going to be able to do it anymore."

Meanwhile, the Cortland offices of the Natural Resource Conservation Service and Farm Service Agency remain closed.

Without the U.S. Department of Agriculture operating, the final steps in the Kinsman sewer project are in limbo.

The Trumbull County Sanitary Engineer's office confirms that groundbreaking on Oct. 9 for phase two of construction is postponed, unless the shutdown is lifted by 12 p.m. Friday. The USDA was scheduled to meet with county officials that morning to finalize the project.