A Mahoning County Sheriff's Deputy was assaulted - doused with urine and fecal matter during an inmate scuffle.

A report from December details the incident which was caught on surveillance video. 

According to the report, one inmate approached the other with whom he had an argument the day before. 

One of the men pulled a bottle, containing urine and feces, out of his pocket. The incident report states that the other inmate began to charge, at which point the bottle was thrown onto a nearby deputy. 

In the melee, another deputy, and the other inmate, as well as several computers, phones, and pieces of equipment were sprayed by the material. 

The report states that the pod was immediately shut down, and several other deputies responded to help. 

Deputies say the inmates were both sprayed with a version of pepper spray, in an attempt to stop them from fighting. 

The incident report says that during the course of the fight, two more deputies were forced to grab the inmates, in the process, both becoming exposed to the fecal matter. 

After being separated, all deputies, as well as the other inmate, were decontaminated. 

Overall, the damage done to the equipment, including several computers, cables, phones, and an intercom unit, are valued at more than $3,000. 

According to Vindy.com, the incident report was filed in Ricki Williams' case for a 2014 murder.

Williams was previously charged with harassment with bodily fluids in 2016 for a similar instance. He originally pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in that case. 

The Mahoning County Prosecutors Office says as of yet, no new charges have been filed against Williams.

Williams has been in jail since 2014 on charges of aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse, kidnapping, intimidation, tampering with evidence, abduction, possessing criminal tools and criminal trespassing in connection to the death of a 16-year-old Austintown girl. 

Williams was arrested by U.S. Marshals in July 2014 for the stabbing death of Gina Burger, whose body was discovered by employees of a garbage transfer station near Grove City.

Investigators interviewed Ronisha Johnson, who lives at the Compass West apartments, where Burger was last seen by her mother on June 23. 

Johnson told police that Burger came over to her apartment that night, where Burger was stabbed in the chest by Williams.  She stated Williams pulled the knife from Burger's chest and smelled it as Burger collapsed onto the floor.  Johnson says Williams forced her to help conceal the body in a portable playpen and put it in a dumpster outside the apartment.

Burger's biological mother, Jacqueline Bacher, told police that when she was waiting for Austintown police to take a missing persons report for Gina, she saw Williams struggling to carry a portable playpen outside the apartment.  Bacher says he even asked her if she wanted to buy it. She saw what appeared to be the same items in a dumpster the following morning.

The affidavit also revealed that trash from 18 dumpsters at the Compass West apartments is routinely taken to the garbage transfer station where the teen's body was found.

A jury is expected to hear the trial on the charges related to Burger's death later this month.