Already considered a nuisance by township trustees, the Wagon Wheel Motel on Market Street is now under a 24-hour court deadline to make repairs and correct safety issues.
The owners and the township agreed to the deadline after a hearing on a temporary restraining order in Mahoning county court.

"So the court is focusing on those critical issues that threaten the occupants of the motel and has given the owners until tomorrow to have those dangerous conditions abated,  if not the motel will be closed," said Attorney David Comstock on behalf of the township.

The Wagon Wheel has had more than it's share of troubles over the years. In 2005 arrests were made during a drug investigation. It 2017 it made news when Boardman police were called to the motel four times in two days for different incidents.  
Fire officials say the structure has continued to deteriorate and damage to the roof has exposed electrical wiring and now poses a fire hazard.

"What we can hang our hat on from the fire code stand point is the imminent hazard from the electrical issues, so that's what we need to see fixed, we need to make sure there's no more hazard for fire. That needs to be taken care of," Boardman Fire Inspector, Will Ferrando said. 

Officials say the business is welcome to continue to operate so long as it is made safe and meets all regulations. If it fails to meet the deadline a tenporary restraining order will force it to close, and the township could move to have it torn down.