After an EF-1 tornado crossed through the Valley on Sunday, crews have been working to clean up the debris.

The Yankee Run Golf Course was hit hard by the severe weather with the owner saying that more than 100 trees are down on the course.

Three days later, the course is still showing signs of the destructive storm.

"We have a lot of leaning trees we need to get down and on the ground so if we're able to open a little early we want to do that without anybody being injured" Garrett McMullin, a Yankee Run official said.

The third hole on the course sustained damage with hundreds of shredded trees near the area. "It's knocked out our whole woods line which has changed the hole dramatically" said McMullin.

Golf courses have taken a hit because of the weather and Yankee Run is will have to factor at least a week's worth of losses because of the tornado.

The owners of Yankee Run are getting a helping hand from community members to recover from the storms.

"All the help we've gotten between the community, other golf courses, schools, outings, some of our league guys, everybody has really come out and helped us."

"How do you say 'thank you' to people like that, who just come together and really show you how much they's done a lot for us, makes us emotional a little bit" said McMullin.

Yankee Run hopes to reopen Saturday for a group that has been coming in from out of town to the course for 50 years.