An Uber driver from Warren who pleaded not guilty to charges including driving under the influence now has a warrant out for his arrest after being accused of violating probation. 

Fifty-one-year-old Craig Wistar was arrested after officers say they found him behind the wheel of a car facing east in the westbound lane of Interstate Boulevard near Route 46. 

The officer says he could smell alcohol on Wistar's breath. Wistar, who according to police, had bloodshot eyes, had a bottle of vodka at his feet.

Asked by the officer what he was doing, Wistar replied, "I'm Ubering."

In the back seat of the Honda was a 50-year-old woman who mouthed the words "Help me."

After moving the passenger to his cruiser, the officer ordered Wistar to undergo a field sobriety test.

According to the police report, Wistar had to hold onto the car to keep from falling and told the officer, "I'm plastered. I'm talking hammered. I confess I'm drunk. I admit it."

The woman who has been riding in the car told police later that she called for an Uber ride home and became alarmed when the driver stopped in the middle of the intersection. Police gave the woman a ride home.

Police cited Wistar for driving while under the influence, disobeying traffic control signs, and lane straddling.