There's a post on Facebook that has a lot of people talking. A local Trooper with the Ohio State Highway Patrol is being recognized for going above and beyond to help a stranded motorist.

Trooper Dan Deluca says he was just doing his job. "We're here to help people."

The post published by Chuck Martin says Trooper Deluca stopped for a stranded motorist on Route 11 heading North. The car had run out of gas, and a family of five couldn't get anyone to help.

Deluca says he never even hesitated. "I made a decision to take the driver to get gas. In order to bring gas back from the gas station, we needed a gas can, so he had enough money to cover the gas can and just a little bit of gas," said Deluca. 

When Trooper Deluca realized that wasn't going to be enough gas to get the family where they needed to go, he filled up the gas can with his own money.

"Just people helping people, that's what it comes down to. I treat people the way I would want my own family treated," he said. "I have a family, and if something were to happen and they needed to get to where they were going, you know, hope something similar would happen for them too."

The post of Facebook has been shared hundreds of times, and Deluca is being praised for his actions.

"Anytime you can be recognized just for doing your job is a great feeling," said Deluca. 

Deluca, who is known as the people's Trooper because of his affinity to get out in the community, says he simply did what needed to be done. 

"Being there to help people when they need us is really what the job is all about. All the other stuff we can figure out later, but first and foremost we're here to help people, and that's what this is all about."

Trooper Deluca was also recognized for his actions two years ago in helping a child who was choking at Chick-fil-A.