"This has been a very wet year, and we have had several flooding situations in our watershed," says John Kolodziejskia, a Resource Manager with the U.S.  Army Corps of Engineers.

The Shenango Lake which the Shenango River feeds into is over four feet above normal. When lake and river levels are as high as they are now, the U.S. Corps of Engineers is responsible for flood management to reduce those water levels. 

"Today we have seven gates open to two and a quarter feet each which is actually channel capacity for this time of the year," Kolodziejskia said.

Those gates are pumping out around 2,500 cubic feet of water, which is the maximum that can be released without causing a flooding situation downstream. 

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers says they monitor levels for events, like WaterFire, and do the best they can to continue to let water out, so levels are lowered to their normal levels. They expect to lower the gates by mid to late week.

Sharon's city manager tells 21 News that WaterFire will go on as planned this weekend.