The Ohio Department of Natural Resources is responding to our questions about not having lifeguards at Mosquito Lake. 

After a water rescue that ended with a 41-year-old woman losing her life while saving her son's best friend from drowning, 21 News wanted to know why the state doesn't have lifeguards on duty.   

"We have over a million visitors that visit Ohio State Park's beaches, and we've not seen many incidents with that, and it's just a matter of being safe.

Swim with a buddy," said Natural Resources Officer Stephanie Uber. "The best way to keep safe, especially for the kids, is a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jacket, and if you are parents, don't just drop your children off, stay with them. Monitor them while you are out here."

The water in the designated swimming areas is about four and a half to five feet deep.

There are signs posted across the beach saying that no lifeguards are on duty.