Radio talk show host Ron Verb has withdrawn from the race for Austintown trustee citing Federal Communication Commission restrictions on his ability to run while continuing his radio show. 

Verb has hosted a popular show on 570 WKBN for decades. The FCC has rules in place restricting broadcasters from running for office unless their opponents either receive equal time or sign waivers saying they don't object to the broadcast remaining on the air. 

Verb said his opponents were not willing to sign such waivers. 

Verb said his only alternative would have been to take a three-month leave from his job, which would have cost him more than a year's salary as trustee. 

On his show Friday afternoon, Verb gave an impassioned speech citing many of the reasons he wanted to run for trustee; poor road conditions and a lack of oversight for how the township receives funding from Hollywood Gaming at Mahoning Valley Race Course.

Verb was critical of current trustees, along with the township's administrator.

Verb said had he continued with his race, he would have focused on taxpayers and delivery of services and would have self-imposed term limits, saying he has no desire to be a politician. 

Verb is a longtime Austintown resident.