Struthers police arrested a man after he is accused of beating the mother of his child. 

On August 9, just after 9:30 pm police were called to the 3000 block of 4th Street because of a domestic violence call. 

According to the report, when police arrived at the residence they saw the victim on the ground with bruises and blood covering her face. The victim told police that she got into an argument with 27-year-old, Jacob Pyles, the father of her child and it led a fight.  

According to authorities, the victim and Pyles got in an argument over his cell phone, after the victim refused to give Pyles back his phone he punched her in the face and then choked her. 

The victim added that Pyles was previously a heroin addict and she found a bloody towel in the bathroom that she thinks Plyes used after shooting up. 

Witnesses say that the victim was screaming in pain and it alarmed them. Neighbors say they forced their way into the residence in order to check on the victim. When neighbors came in Plyes sprinted pass them outside of the door, reportedly covered in blood. 

The victim says that her kids were in the house at the time of the incident. 

Police searched the area but did not find Pyles. 

On August 10, around 1:30 pm police were called to 4th and Garland after they received a call that Pyles was spotted behind a home on the street. 

Police cornered Pyles and eventually arrested him after wrestling him to the ground. 

Pyles was charged with domestic violence and was transferred to the Mahoning County Jail.