Two Beaver Local students have been charged with inducing panic.

The charges handed down by the Columbiana County juvenile prosecutor stem from a video posted on the social media site "Tik Tok" at the beginning of August. 

The prosecutor said the kids in the video are ages 10 and 11. 

The school district learned of the video from concerned parents, and the school reached out to law enforcement for assistance.

Beaver Local Superintendent Eric Lowe said the video was taken outside of school and the school was not mentioned in the video.

"The district has set up meetings with the families to examine the school implications while the legal system works to handle this mater. The district will be following the legal advice that was provided to us by our legal counsel and using their policies and the student code of conduct to examine discipline for the students," Lowe said.

In the video, the kids appear to use foul language against other people, saying "You're dead." and "Get out of this world."

The superintendent said some of those students go to the school. 

A gun appears in the video, but the St. Clair Township police chief Brian McKenzie said it was a pellet gun.

"We take every threat serious out here, the school district takes every threat seriously and we want to investigate it to the best of our abilities," McKenzie said.

Detectives with the police department spoke with the two children and their parents.

Police told 21 News that no imminent threat was made to the school or any student.

The prosecutor said the children would answer to their charges at a later court date. 

The superintendent added that the boys will face some discipline, but cannot disclose any more details.