A group of seniors, including two who just celebrated their 96th birthdays, went back to elementary school this week. 

The seniors from Sunrise Senior Living in Poland went to gym class at Robinson Elementary School in Boardman Wednesday. 

The event was part of Sunrise's Live With Action-Go 4 Life campaign.

"We operate 300 senior facilities across the country, and this is the one day of the year we have groups of seniors visiting schools in each of our 300 locations--all to do an activity with the students," said Sunrise Coordinator Cathy George, "Their faces just light up when they see the kids, and they love to be around them."

The visitors didn't just watch the kindergartners and first graders run around the gym; they got in on the fun, some with walkers and others using wheelchairs. 

"I was excited when Sunrise called and asked if they could visit," said gym teacher Jen Flores. "Our students enjoyed it completely, and it's never too early to learn that moving and having fun is good for everybody."