As the United Auto Worker's strike against General Motors continues, the UAW International Executive Board voted Saturday to increase strike pay for workers and allow them to get part-time jobs. 

Officials authorized increased strike pay to $275 per week for all UAW members on strike. They allowed members striking at General Motors and Aramark to take on part-time jobs without reducing their strike pay, as long as they perform their picket duty.

The original strike pay was $250 a week. 

The increased payment and authorization for part-time work will be put in effect Sunday. 

“UAW members and their families are sacrificing for all of us,” said Gary Jones, President of the UAW. “We are all standing together for our future. This action reflects the UAW commitment and solidarity to all of our members and their families who are taking a courageous stand together to protect our middle-class way of life.”

On Wednesday, GM CEO Mary Barra met with the UAW president and vice president to try and push negotiations forward.