It's that time of the year where the leaves are beginning to fall.

"We are seeing a pop of color. It's coming," says Lynn Zocolo and Educator with the Mill Creek MetroParks.

The Valley usually sees its peak foliage right before Halloween, and with cooler nights ahead, brighter colors will start popping.

"I think it's going to be a great opportunity to get out and get a peek of the leaves," adds Zocolo. 

A dry, hot summer would typically delay foliage peak time, but it was actually the extreme rain of the early summer months that are killing off trees a little bit sooner than expected.

"Things like leaf diseases on crab apples, anthracnose disease on dogwoods, maples, ash trees, oak trees, all were more prevalent this year on average this year than years past," says Kevin Crump with the Davey Tree Expert Company. 

Other diseases like Oak Wilt are causing leaves to fall with the absence of any fall color but also spreading to surrounding trees in the same area.

But there are preventative measures you can take now and even early next spring to make sure this doesn't happen to your trees in the future.

"So if your trees are losing leaves prematurely with minimal fall color, fertilizing now, is an excellent idea to help them along, so they come back next year," adds Crump.