Warren police say a man arrested with an assault rifle threatened t shoot up his neighborhood.

Antwan Thomas, 20, faces arraignment in Warren Municipal Court Thursday on two counts of aggravated menacing.

Thomas was arrested Wednesday afternoon after police surrounded his apartment on Fifth Street SW.

Officers were called to the area after a neighbor called police claiming that Thomas came out of his apartment pointing an assault rifle at her after she told him to stop beating up his girlfriend.

The neighbor says Thomas threatened her, yelling he was going to “turn this place up,” which the police report says is slang for “shoot this place up”.

The police report says bystanders told Thomas to put the gun away because there were children in the neighborhood.

The first officer who stepped into Thomas’ apartment said he heard what sounded like the noise made by a bolt moving forward in a rifle.

According to the report, Thomas obeyed the officer’s orders and came downstairs with his hands up.

Police say a search of the apartment turned up an AR-15 rifle hidden under a baby mattress, a loaded magazine in a diaper bag, and an extended magazine in a bedroom.

Police say that during a phone call made after his arrest, Thomas threatened to "turn this bi-ch up like I'm from Detroit".  Thomas continued, "That's exactly what I'm doing when I get out,” according to the report.

Thomas was taken to the county jail where he was being held without bond.