A former Warren Police officer will serve jail time after pleading guilty earlier to charges filed after making up a story that he was involved in a shootout.

Noah Linnen, 24, on Tuesday appeared before Trumbull County Common Pleas Court Judge Andrew Logan who handed down a jail sentence totaling nine months.

Linnen pleaded guilty in October to charges of inducing panic, tampering with evidence, and disrupting public services. A misdemeanor count of falsification was dropped


 Investigators say Linnen was off duty last January when he became involved in a shootout with the driver of a broken-down SUV along Warren Avenue.

At least ten different agencies responded to his claim and at least 45 officers made traffic stops of SUVs matching the description and suspect.

After being confronted by investigators about his story not adding up, Howland's Police Chief Nick Roberts says Linnen admitted making up the story.

Prosecutors had asked for jail time, which could have added up to six years.


Noah Linnen