A man whose secret audio recordings resulted in federal charges against late Valley Congressman Jim Traficant is dead at the age of 93.

Orlando Carabbia died on April 3, 2021, according to the Kirila Funeral Home website.

As of Friday morning, the website detailed visitation and funeral mass information, but did not include an obituary.

Born on April 4, 1927, Orlando along with his brothers Ronald and Charles controlled illegal gambling in the Mahoning Valley, according to Cleveland mobster and FBI informant “Big Ange” Lonardo.

According to Associated Press archives, Orlando Carrabia was cited for contempt in 1964 after he and others refused to answer questions from a Mahoning County Grand Jury investigating crime and gambling.

In 1964, Orlando Carabbia pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to avoid paying income taxes and gaming device taxes on pinball machines.

Orlando and his brother Charlie secretly taped discussions that took place with Jim Traficant about bribes they were paying him during his 1980 campaign to become Mahoning County Sheriff.

Federal agents used the tapes to charge Traficant with corruption. Traficant successfully defended himself against the charges during a 1983 trial and went on to become a member of congress in 1984. However, Traficant was expelled from Congress and sentenced to eight years in prison for racketeering, bribery, and filing false tax returns.  Traficant died in 2014.

Charles Carabbia has not been seen since his disappearance in 1980. His car was found near Lake Erie.

Information about visitation and funeral mass for Orlando Carabbia may be found by following this link.