It took more time and more dynamite than expected, but after 66 years, the smokestack that reached high above the former Ohio Edison plant in Weathersfield Township met its fate.
A fate delayed, but ultimately not denied.
"They added an additional charge (to the explosives), they put some more in than what they had before, made it a little bit more powerful," said Weathersfield Twp. fire chief Tom Lambert.
The crowd of about 100 people waited all day long through a failed first attempt - and for the stack to fall on its own - before the second blast finished the job.
"It was a clean drop, landed right where it was supposed to," Lambert said. "It was worth the wait."
As you might guess, with this smokestack having stood for 66 years, there's a lot of history here. But there's also some personal history for one man we talked to who used to work here.
"I started work at the plant in 1954, I put 38 years in at the plant," says John Cooper. "I came from England when I was 17 and this was basically my first job when I started working over in this country."
Now living in Florida and retired since 1991, Cooper and his daughter made it a point to be here for the demolition during his visit with family.
Although the smokestack is no longer the landmark they knew, a proud array of memories still remains.
"That was my bread and butter and I raised five children, I wouldn't have those kids if it wasn't for the power plant, really," said Cooper.