In Warren, a back-to-school event was planned by the Youth Trumbull Chapter of the NAACP.

The focus of the day was to reach neighbors and help kids and teens.

Guest speakers shared information about staying safe, as students switch from online learning at home back to in-school learning. 

There were also opportunities to learn about the struggles and accomplishments of African Americans throughout history.

Masks were worn to help protect the younger and older folks at this NAACP Youth event at Trumbull Community Action Program or TCAP.

Anette McCoy, President of the NAACP Trumbull Chapter said, "We are celebrating our Youth NAACP Charter, it's 60 years of age, and we are celebrating that by doing a back to school event."

Orneil Heller a retired assistant fire chief, and now Pastor engaged students explaining what firefighters do and the benefits of a career in fire fighting, helping save people from fires, car crashes, and water rescues.

Heller said, "This career was one of the best things to ever happen to me."

Another session included guidance on how to handle police stops.

Guest speaker Vince Peterson II, a candidate for State Representative, talked with kids and adults about the importance of being counted in the next census ten years from now and voting.

Peterson emphasized, "The main reason is that their voice is important. We want to make sure we are stressing the importance of that, and the importance of voting, and how important their voices are to the community."

The President of the Youth Trumbull Chapter of the NAACP tells WFMJ News, the Black History display of great leaders, has an important purpose since they left a blueprint for younger generations to follow.

Zipporah Ball, Youth President NAACP Trumbull County Chapter said, "Seeing what my ancestors have done, it only inspires me to reach for higher heights in their name because they deserve that."

There was a backpack school supply giveaway.

Elias McDougal who is seven years old told WFMJ his mom brought him there to get a book bag for him and to make him look handsome so he can go to school.

The backpacks and supplies and new shoes for school were donated by TCAP.

Van Nelson, CEO of TCAP says there is room for kids ages 3 to 5 in it's Head Start program. That is a preschool program which runs from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and helps get kids ready for school.