Youngstown bar, The Social (112 West Commerce St. Suite D) will be boarded up and closed after the city has deemed it a nuisance.

According to Youngstown mayor, Jamael Tito Brown the city went to court and was granted a temporary restraining order (TRO) for the bar. 

According to mayor Brown, there are several reasons this bar was deemed a nuisance. 

"We've had anything from underage drinking to fights, there was some gunfire, marijuana smoking, you name it, it's been happening in there with undercover agents being inside and pulling that information out," Brown said.

Brown says the city has conducted a sit-down with the bar's leasee in the past to address these issues, but the issues continued after the sit-down so the city is now taking action.

"We want Youngstown to remain a place that people want to come and have fun. You can come and enjoy, but when you want to come in and break the law or the leasee is not holding up to his bargain when he opened the place, then we have to take our process and move forward," Brown said.

The city will plead its case on Thursday, Sept. 2. The Social will remain closed and boarded up until then or as otherwise may be ordered by the court.