Eastern Gateway Community College released a statement on Tuesday regarding its change from Accredited to Accredited - On Probation by the Higher Learning Commission.

The statement reads as follows:

"Eastern Gateway Community College is the fastest growing community college in America, and we had experienced significant leadership turmoil in 2020 which led to increased scrutiny."

"After going through the complete HLC mid-cycle review process, which included the Assurance Argument, a virtual onsite visit and the Peer Review Team; the Institutional Actions Council report and meeting in August ; and, finally, the HLC Board of Trustees meeting last Thursday and Friday. Yesterday afternoon, HLC informed the college that our status had been changed from accredited to accredited - on probation."

"While HLC acknowledged that the leadership team had stabilized and that we were actively addressing their core concerns. HLC's findings were operational, not financial, and core concerns centered on assessment, data collection and analysis, HR record keeping and ensuring that we can document the great work we already do."

"The temporary probation status does not compromise student financial aid or the ability for students to transfer to other institutions, or the recognition and awarding of degrees. Eastern Gateway remains accredited, and we will emerge from this situation with improvements that strengthen our college." 

"With the free college higher education model, Eastern Gateway is doing something incredibly innovative. By documenting and demonstrating evidence of all we are accomplishing, we will serve as a model for the nation to remove barriers to higher education and continue to create opportunities and change lives."