At Time Capsule Toys in Girard, not only will one find toys of the past as they take a walk down memory lane, but they will also find some of the
in demand toys.

The co-owner says in addition to dinosaurs, dolls. and Barbies, they have plenty of new toys to put under your tree.

"Anything from the 70's, 80's, 90's we also carry modern toys we have the newer Transformers, Marvel Legends, Star Wars, things like that,"
said Rick Fussleman co-owner of Time Capsule Toys.

If your wrestling with what to get your kids this Christmas, Time Capsule Toys says it has the largest selection of action figures and wrestling toys.

At Renegade Toys in North Lima, there are also plenty of popular toys for boys and girls such as Baby Yoda, Polly pockets, to Barbies, and action figures.

We have Transformers, Marvel Legends, Star Wars figures, Masters of the Universe. We have a diverse group of toys in this store," said James Butler.

Renegade Toys says they have recent shipments of toys to also stock shelves.
Both local toy stores also say they have affordable toys that won't break the bank, to more expensive collectors items for adults or the big kid in you.

If you can't find that one gift your child is after, making magical memories is another alternative.

"We are trying to go back to old fashioned stuff like experiences, tickets to movies, a hockey game, more family stuff and more family time together," said Marie Mariano.