If you live in Ohio or Pennsylvania, you've probably taken a few falls because of that winter ice on the ground.

As our temperatures continue to drop after last week's winter storm, 21 News stopped by Mangiarelli Rehabilitation to talk with them about the best way to fall to avoid injury. 

"What we kind of harp on at Mangiarelli Rehabilitation is teaching people how to walk on ice," said Mike Mangiarelli. "We teach them how to be safe in this environment how to not fall and slip."

Mangiarelli said the common mistake people make on ice is not taking small steps and not stepping with a flat foot while walking.

"Once you take a big step and your center of mass goes under base support, then that's when your foot slips underneath you," Mangiarelli said.

"If you fall, people do tend to reach out with their hands," Mangiarelli said. "When you do land with your hands, it's a natural reaction but you do have chances of tearing your rotator cuff, fracturing your shoulder, fracturing your elbow and your wrist."

Mangiarelli said the best way to go down is trying to fall directly on your behind.

"Without putting your hands out," Mangiarelli explained. "Is it easy? No, not necessarily, but that's something you can train people to do."

Depending on how you fall, physical therapy can assist with balance training and several arm and shoulder exercises.

"When it comes to balance, we put them in that same situation but with a controlled environment so you're there to stabilize them and you're teaching them how to balance in different positions."

"With your shoulder, you have to gain range of motion with stretching," Mangiarelli said. "You have to work on shoulder strength."

Mangiarelli added one should try wearing rubbered sole shoes with traction while walking in these conditions.