Rescue efforts continued over the weekend and through Monday morning, as Animal Charity of Ohio worked to save dozens of cats that were left in a Youngstown home.

Officials say the Early Road home, on the city's East Side, is in 'deplorable' condition and needed hazmat suits and get inside and get to work.

Three more kittens were born inside Sunday evening, and another was caught Monday morning. The Animal Charity plans to set traps and remove trash from the front room of the home. The group plans to clean the house all week long, with workers saying that they are facing a bigger project than originally expected.

Cat caught Monday morning


"The ammonia levels really, really take a toll on the lungs," said Animal Charity Coordinator, Jane Macmurchy.

Macmurchy said on Thursday, 19 cats had been rescued from the house. On Friday, officials pulled out another 15 and are expecting 70 to 100 total, in the coming days.


The Code Enforcement Superintendent tells 21 News, the largest scene of cat hoarding they have encountered in the county was 107 cats. This home could surpass that number.

Macmurchy added that there are holes in the ceiling and every wall in the house and that the house was completely covered in feces and urine, stating that crews had to wear face masks because the ammonia levels would instantly choke a person.

"It's probably in the top five worst deplorable condition homes Animal Charity has seen in the past several years," Macmurchy said.

Crews also brought a dumpster to the scene in order to remove the excess trash from the home, stating that trash is piled up from the floor to the ceiling in every room of the home.

"It's extremely hazardous. cats have a very, very weak respiratory system," said Macmurchy.
After removing the cats from the home, giving them the care they need won't be without some difficulty.
"Financially it does take a toll because we run off of, all of their care off of donations," Macmurchy said.
Three occupants were removed from the home and Macmurchy says she hopes to request mental health evaluations for the occupants. It's possible the home could be demolished once the cats are out.
About 34 cats and kittens were found between Thursday and Friday, some of them dead, and Animal Charity will continue working on the case for the next several days.
Charges are pending but until the investigation is complete, the extent is unclear.

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