Commissioners have approved a two-phased project worth $2.5 million to get a freshly paved road throughout South Avenue. Officials tell 21 News they've been looking to rework South Avenue for the past few years.

Mahoning County Commissioner, Anthony Traficanti tells 21 News the first phase will be from Western Reserve Road to Presidential Drive.

"It's gonna be a mill and fill, like a resurfacing, and they're going to tear off all the old top coat and put a new base coat and top coat on the road," Traficanti said.

Meanwhile phase two will be from Presidential Drive to Matthews Road, a project over a mile and a half long. Traficanti tells us this is a project that needs done, as this road is compromised and is a very high-traffic area.

Traficanti says he hopes to begin work on this project at the end of June. It is currently unclear when this project will be completed.

From there, Traficanti says there are even more projects we could expect to see in the coming months such as fixing several bridges and the widening of other compromised roads.

"One of the big ones that we're trying to get done and get it going is widening of Western Reserve Road. That really is another compromised road. You know everybody uses that as a shortcut," Traficanti said.