Youngstown City Council is hoping to redevelop another area of the city in the future as part of its ongoing redevelopment efforts.

During a finance committee meeting Monday night, the council decided to conduct a $100,000 study on the land of the Crab Creek industrial corridor.

The Crab Creek industrial corridor, located near Albert Street, Andrews and Logan Avenues on the city's Northeast side, once held the Avanti car plant in the late 80s and early 90s.

Finance committee chairwoman Lauren McNally told 21 News the area has been vacant for around 20 years and a study on the area is long overdue.

McNally says the study is part of the preliminary stage of the Crab Creek plan. She says a company will be determined to do the study in the near future.

Once the study is complete, the hope is to reopen the area to new businesses in the future.