Who has the best pizza in the valley?
It's a debate that could get pretty heated because everyone has their favorites.
Well, the owner of a pizza place that would likely be in that debate says he is ready to sell his business.

"We have our own recipe for the pizza. It's always been that way since 1945 between the sauce, green peppers and the combination of cheese," said Jack Walters.

That's what makes the Elmton's pizza unique and it's what has brought pizza fans from throughout the valley here for 77 years.

But after all of this time, the owner, Jack Walters, says, it's time for he and his mom to hang up their aprons.

"It's just that we have no one else in the family to come in and take over and unfortunately it's not something we really want to do but at some point in your life you go to say it's time to move on and enjoy your life and there's things I want to do. I have a daughter in Florida I want to spend some time with her. My mom has some great-grandchildren now wants to spend a little more time with them," said Walters.

Their dining room has been closed since covid and they've had a hard time hiring workers to help, though they say recently, people have started to apply for jobs once again. They've continued to sell through take out, though for people who need their pizza or broasted chicken fix.

Since the business has been in the same family since 1945 the owner says he would like something similar to happen with the new buyer.

"It's been a great business and it will be a great business for somebody else but it's a family-run business and to be successful we are looking a for a family to take it over. someone to pick up where we left off," added Walters.

The restaurant, it's recipes and the adjacent Circle K and other buildings are included in the sale. Asking price for everything is around $840,000.