Remembering the Idora Park days has been easier recently thanks to a Canfield couple who opened their Idora Experience collection to the public periodically nine years ago.

But the next time it's open could be the last.
The couple wants to sell their property and they are looking for a more permanent home for their collection.

"I think it's an incredibly important part of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley history," said Jim Amey.

Jim and Toni Amey never thought the collection would get this big but they did know they couldn't keep doing it forever.
With all of their children and grandchildren now living out of town, the Ameys think it's time to downsize and travel.

They say their Canfield home is too big so they are putting it and their property up for sale. That includes the big barn-like structure that holds all of the Idora items.

"The things that were donated to us are being donated to the Mahoning Valley Historical Society. Everything. The larger items we bought and paid for, that remains to be seen," said Jim.

They are hoping they can find a permanent home for the entire collection, which they say they are working on but don't have any solid plans in place yet.
Meanwhile, their next Idora Experience for people to come look at the collection will take place July 2nd and 3rd.

The experience gets bigger every time they have an opening because people who come there to visit sometimes bring their own mementos from the park and donate it to the Experience.

Each item has a story and that's what has been important to the Amey's.

"It's not for the acquiring of stuff. It's stuff. It's not about the acquiring or anything else, it's about the stories that live on and we help to bring those stories to life and that's what it is for us," said Toni.

So after the Experience closes, the house and property will officially go up for sale July 5th.
And everyone involved hopes these artifacts will at some point and place still be available for future generations to cherish together.