A Grove City man has been accused of holding his girlfriend in a vehicle against her will for three days.

Police were dispatched to a Sunoco gas station in Westmoreland County after the female victim mouthed "help me" to a Westmoreland County Park police officer on Sunday, June 19.

Police say the female victim was in a relationship with suspect, 34-year-old Justin Uber and the two were involved in a domestic dispute. 

The female victim told police that Uber had held her against her will in the vehicle for the past three days. She accused Uber of confiscating her debit card and refusing to let her have access to it.

She also accused Uber of forcing her to drive for the Uber driving service, as well as food delivery service, Uber Eats in order to make money for his marijuana habit.

Uber allegedly transferred all of the victim's funds into his bank account threatening to kill her and her children if she did not comply with him. 

The victim also accused Uber of punching the dashboard of the car and making a fist at her and saying "Don't tempt me to punch you in the face [expletive]" followed by squeezing her throat to the point where she couldn't breathe and eventually lost consciousness.

Police say the victim pulled the vehicle over and tried to escape, but Uber allegedly forced her back into the vehicle to drive to the Sunoco where Uber allegedly threatened to kill her if she told anyone what happened.

Police observed redness and scratches around her neck and throat area.

Uber is currently in Westmoreland County Jail where he is facing charges of Simple Assault, Strangulation, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Making Terroristic Threats and Unlawful Restraint.