A Campbell couple face animal abuse and other charges after police say they were keeping a 300-plus-pound pig in a “dungeon-like” basement of their home.

Shawn Kline, 27, and Cortney Kline-Carnes, 35, face a hearing in municipal court Friday on charges of animal cruelty, violations concerning prohibited animals, and keeping swine.

In addition, Shawn Kline is also charged with aggravated menacing, and Cortney Kline-Carnes is charged with obstructing official business.

Police say they had been trying for weeks to check out reports that the couple had a pig in their basement, which is a violation of a city ordinance.

On July 8, accompanied by a farm animal rescue group, police got a warrant to search the couple’s home on Chambers Avenue.

When no one answered the door, police forced their way into the home where they say they found the pig, so obese it was unable to walk to its water supply.

According to the report, the basement where the animal was kept smelled of urine, and had no windows or artificial lighting, describing it as a “dungeon-like setting”.

In addition, police say the pig’s hooves were overgrown, and the pig was possibly suffering from arthritis.

It took six people to move the pig from the basement by rolling it onto a stretcher and carrying the animal outside.

During the search, police say they got a call from Shawn Kline threatening to kill the officers if they removed the pig.

The Klines told officers that the pig “Oreo” is an emotional support animal that they have owned since it was a piglet.

Since the Klines surrendered Oreo, the pig was taken to Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary in Ravenna. If you would like to make a donation to the sanctuary for the care of Oreo and the other animals, click here.