Often labeled as the "most dangerous intersection in Sharon", the intersection of Spencer Avenue and East Connelly Boulevard has seen two accidents in the last three days.  There have been a total of 16 since 2019, including a fatal wreck in last November.

It's an issue that's prompted city leaders to discuss the future of the crossway at Wednesday night's council meeting.

"We retained a traffic engineer to do a study---when they came back the options were to remove the traffic signals and put stop signs up for the side streets.", said city manager Robert Fiscus, which would allow traffic to flow freely along East Connelly.

The second option would make the north sides of Spencer and Service Avenues dead ends, an option that falls in favor with many living near the intersection.

Colleen Astey has lived on Spencer Avenue for more than 40 years and says she's usually one of the first people on scene when accidents happen.

"Those of us in the neighborhood---we start out by hearing the screeching tire, then you freeze and wait for the two metals to collide, which they do.  If you don't then you breathe a sigh of relief.", Astey said.

Colleen along with others say they would rather it be an inconvenience for them, than a tragedy for someone else.

In the meantime, Robert Fiscus is recommending the intersections where Spencer and Service Avenues meet East Connelly Boulevard, be closed off.  East Connelly Boulevard, also U.S. 62 is operated by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  Fiscus says he'll discuss further action with PennDot on Thursday.

Councilman William James says he wants to hear from the public, but doesn't want to see the south side of Service Avenue, a one-way road that goes north, blocked off.

"I'd hate to see it block off a road that is a main thoroughfare for people to get from one side of town to the other.", said James, adding that it's hard enough getting around with traffic the way it is.